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Read with Me

Updated: Mar 8

First, find a strategy for reading with your child that you would like to explore.

Then, watch the introduction video to get an overview of the strategy and simple tips.

After the introduction, watch the demonstration video for your child's grade level to see the strategy in action!

More videos are being created. If your child's grade level isn't available yet, watch for an announcement to come!

Strategies for reading with your child:

Concepts of Print: Understanding How Books Work | Kindergarten | COMING SOON

Introduction | COMING SOON

Kindergarten Demonstration | COMING SOON

Picture Walk: Looking at Pictures Together | Grades K-2

One-to-One Correspondence: Pointing to Words | Kindergarten | COMING SOON

Decoding: Sounding Out Words | Grades 1-3 | COMING SOON

Choral Reading: Reading Together | Grades K-3

Fluency: Reading Accurately and Quickly | Grades 1-3 | COMING SOON

Vocabulary: Learning New Words Together | Grades K-3

Comprehension: Understanding What You Read | Grades K-3

Find the full playlist of videos here: Read with Me series.

You can find additional literacy resources to support your child at home by clicking on the "READ AT HOME TIPS" tab located in the app.

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